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"Testimonials describe what has been and are a promise and what is to come" - Ron Kaufman

I am blown away by how well I was supported by Colleen. She knew exactly what was needed at every given moment.
Dawn Leonard
R. M. T.
This retreat gave me the ability to see my deepest, truest self. I know beyond doubt, the unchanging, everlasting me
Paul Preston
Colleen is exceptional in her knowledge and guidance. I was safe and fully supported in my process of discovery.
Tara Roh
Massage Therapist
Working with Colleen, my mind is cleared of all the clutter from my life. Words cannot describe this fluid freedom.
Mitz Bandiero
Pilot/Martial Artist
I am so thankful. I have more awareness of myself; and more peace and lightness towards others.
Sue Craig
Cleaner/NLP Practitioner
The structure and timing of this retreat are designed perfectly for effective, focused meditation. Colleen and her staff take care of every detail, creating a totally safe container to focus on truth without distraction.
Bruce W. Tallman
Spiritual Director
Colleen amazed me with her depth of knowledge regarding enlightenment and her presence throughout the retreat was unshakeable. I experienced something beyond my imaginings.
Sandra Khoury