The mind is an excellent servant, but a terrible master


Class Types

WINTER/SPRING 2023 – (no classes Holiday Mondays and APR 7-10 2023)

Monday 6:00 AM Meditative Sun Salutation (50 Min)
Monday 2:00 PM Yin Yoga (50 min)
Tuesday 6:00 AM Balance & Stability(50 min)
Tuesday 7:00 PM Easy Yoga Movement (30 min)
Wednesday 12:00 Noon Meditative Sun Salutation (50 min)
Thursday 6:00 AM Core on the Floor (50 min)
Thursday 2:00 PM Yin Yoga (50 min)
Thursday 7:00 PM Dyad Night (2.5 hr)
Friday 7:45 AM Meditative Sun Salutation (40 min)
Saturday 8:30 AM Restorative (75 min)

Building core strength and stability with a mix of standing and floor postures. This class explores and expands our personal balance limits.

This class takes place primarily on the floor and is for building strength and stability in our core muscles keeping us young and agile.

Build your authenticity. Find your voice. Clear the clutter of your mind. Dyads are a fast, effective way to improve your communication and get to know yourself better. Build self trust and deepen your ability to connect.

This slow meditative practice is great for an overall body stretch that builds strength, stability, and mental focus.

Stretch your body with longer poses to release negative thoughts and anxiety while building strength and flexibility. These classes are naturally meditative.

This class is a mix yoga styles and movements designed for a fun, rejuvenating experience. 

Drop into your parasymathetic energy system to recharge and rejuvenate. Restorative Yoga consists of long fully supported stretches that cradle our bodies and relax the mind.


Wear loose comfortable clothing that you can easily move in. (for instance – most jeans are too tight for a good stretch) If you tend to get cold, bring layers. If you run hot, dress lightly.

Water to drink. 
Optional: a yoga mat, a blanket or shawl and a cushion for final meditation.
For Balance and Core Class – a yoga strap and a small cushion if you have them.
For Restorative Class – bolsters, yoga blocks, straps, blankets, a chair (you can use what you have in your house – pillows, couch cushions, books, men’s neckties, blankets)

You might lose weight, and you might not. SoulTrek Yoga Classes are designed to build strength and flexibility, while maintaining a connection between body and soul. Because you can modify the poses, you can choose to work harder or make it easier on yourself without judgment. So, the answer is sometimes class is a workout, and sometimes it isn’t.

SoulTrek Yoga Classes are designed to appeal to people of all skill levels, gently improving strength and flexibility, while maintaining a strong connection between body and soul.

Yoga is meant to feel good. Colleen will guide you to modify your pose to make it easier or more challenging, so you get the best stretch for your body and fitness level.

While yoga is generally helpful for one’s health, some conditions and injuries need special attention. Please book an appointment with Colleen to discuss the best course of action.

You do not need to be a flexible superstar to start doing yoga. Yoga will gently improve your flexibility and your strength while building greater awareness in mind and body.

Yes, you can. The postures can be modified to accommodate your body size and shape. The purpose is to have a great stretch that feels good in both your body and your mind. 


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