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The mind is an excellent servant, but a terrible master

Are you a professional or business leader looking to connect better with clients? Or are you dreaming of leading retreats, and private sessions, or facilitating courses. Colleen has the right training for you.

MEDITATION & YOGA RETREATS: Are you interested in joining a team of well trained individuals who support people in their deeply personal journey. Take this training to learn the basics of supporting people in Dyad Meditation. This training will give you professional skills and make you better at your own meditation. Added value fact for yoga people: Dyad Meditation incorporates the practice of all 8 Limbs of Yoga. 

FORMAL STRUCTURED CLARITY PROTOCOL Remarkable process for clearing barriers – First year of a 3-year program teaches skills that inform what strategies to use when a problem arises with a client. Learn how to trouble-shoot problems, while creating a great customer experience. Makes the difference between a good customer experience and a great one. 

GIVING PRIVATE SESSIONS: If you are called to help people 1 to 1 in private sessions, this training is for you. This training is 85% hands on CLINICAL TRAINING in running 1-1 sessions. Really picks up where 4 or more years of academic training leaves off. Truly help people improve their lives in their own estimation. Years 2 & 3 of FSCP TRAINING.

CREATING SAFE SACRED SPACE  Creating and maintaining a safe and sacred space is a skill and an art. Learn how to manage the group dynamic in a way that uplifts everyone. Make the difference between a successful event and one fraught with unresolved problems.