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The mind is an excellent servant, but a terrible master

If your business is suffering from high employee turnover or poor work attitudes, you may be spending too much money on training new staff over and over, when keeping your employees happy will build you a better, more productive organization. Luckily, creating a great workplace culture is an intentional creative act that has a specific set of guidelines and structure. Hire Colleen to train you and your management team in holding a safe, happy and productive workplace.

Colleen trained for over ten years in Australia, California, Toronto, and Vancouver in Group Management, Retreat Facilitation, Shamanic Studies, Private Session Protocol and Public Speaking. She also trained as a professional actor, and later went on to join ToastMasters and CAPS for more specific training in public speaking 

Colleen specializes in training facilitation and workshop presentation, but is equally at home delivering a keynote address.

Areas of Expertise Include:

How the Right Structure Can Vastly Improve your Business Culture and Your Bottom Line

Combining Non-Injury And Truth Is An Art That’s Good For Business

Having a Goal Means Facing Whatever is in the Way. Get Good at Facing the Crisis for a Better Outcome.

Other Areas of Expertise Include:

Fixed States That Hinder Well-Being And What To Do About Them

Connection & Contact: A Way to Combat Addiction

Cycle Completion: How It Improves Your Ability to Think

How the Right Kind of Communication Can Clear Your Mind And Relieve Your Stress