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The mind is an excellent servant, but a terrible master

Do you sometimes feel like you have a muddy or fuzzy mind. Clearing the mind can help. Just like clearing a space in your home makes more room for living your life. Clearing space in your mind makes more room for your life as well.

What can we clear from the mind? What is it that makes for a messy mind? Two main things: Stack-ups and False Beliefs
Besides, who wants to be walking around with a messy mind when one can easily be walking around with a clear mind instead.

Stack-ups are made up of thoughts and communications that aren’t complete. They hang around in our mind because we can’t let them go. Sometimes the incomplete thought has an emotion attached to it that keeps us engaged, trying to work it out inside our own mind, waking us up at night, bothering us at the most inopportune times, and generally being a pain in the keester. When there are several incomplete thoughts and communications, they can be interlaced together and woven into a knot that dovetails from one to another to another. This keeps our energy tied up and unavailable to us. Thoughts and communications remain incomplete when something is not understood. Clearing out these mis-understandings and in-completions frees our energy and gives us back our life. FSCP is designed to clear up the non-understandings, complete the cycles, and clear the mind. A clear mind allows us to sleep better and have more energy.

False beliefs have a strong emotional component that keeps us stuck in behaviour that doesn’t work. False beliefs are insidious, because we experience the world giving us proof that our false beliefs are true. False beliefs and preconceived ideas can be so strong that we are unable to see things the way they really are. Unable to see ourselves in our true light, it is difficult to respond, and real relating is difficult because of the filters over our internal eyes. FSCP is designed to help de-identify from false beliefs and preconceived ideas, giving us the ability to see things as they are and allow deeper more meaningful relationships.