Immerse Yourself! 4-Day Residential Enlightenment Intensive

NOVEMBER 17 - 21, 2024 at Five Oaks Retreat Centre

Sign Up Early! Space is limited to 25!

E I Retreat LP
In-Person Dyad Meditation Enlightenment Intensive Retreat

Know Without Doubt Who You Are!


Choose Shared Accommodation $1100 CAD + tax 

Choose Private Accommodation $1400 CAD +tax

If you snore loudly or are a very light sleeper, we recommend that you opt for private accommodation.

Rates are in Canadian funds and include meals, accommodations, tuition, and 1 online private interview before the Intensive. Taxes are 13%.

Email to register, set up your interview, and make payment arrangements.


Meet Your Enlightenment Master!

Colleen has been inspired by yoga, meditation, and enlightenment for 5 decades. In 1991 she traveled to Australia to meet the originator of Dyad Mediation retreats and take an intense course of study there that continues to enrich her life. Colleen has been leading and training others on these exceptional retreats since then. Now Colleen shares her depth of experience and knowledge with you.

E I Retreat LP


My Deepest Truest Self
The Enlightenment Intesive is the deepest method of self-examination, self exploration & self awareness I have encountered in decades of searching. I have found my deepest, truest self. This is my key to a more meaningful, and more loving life. PAUL PRESTON - M.D.
I Love Colleen's Dedication!
Colleen is worth every penny and more. Colleen amazed me with her depth of knowledge regarding enlightenment and the enlightenment process. She did not resist any question and her presence throughout the retreat was unshakeable. I experienced something that reached beyond my imaginings. I would urge anyone to seek out her expert advice and wisdom. I love Colleen’s dedication. SANDRA KHOURY - COUNSELOR
This Connection is Like Swimming
The experience is without words, it is something everyone should do. The process is like spring cleaning your mind of all the clutter that has been left there by the life we live. The connection is like swimming in water. If you’ve never experienced this, reading, movies, or pictures will not do it. . . So swim! MAURIZIO BANDIERO - PILOT/MARTIAL ARTIST
I Found My Truth!
I am blown away by how supported I felt by Colleen and her staff. They seemed to know exactly what to do at each given moment. My heart and love go out to all of you who helped me find my truth. DAWN LEONARD - R. M. T.
Focus On Truth - No Distractions
The Enlightenment Intensive is a great way to focus on the truth with no distractions. The structure and schedule are perfect so that there is nothing to worry about, nothing to do but meditate and get enlightened! The staff took care of every detail, creating a totally safe space. I come away with a new, deeper perspective on what is real and what is not. BRUCE W. TALLMAN - SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR
Colleen Is Truly Remarkable
The combination of Colleen’s warmth, generosity of spirit, deep wisdom, knowledge, humour, and love allowed me to relax into a state of deep openness that I had never before achieved. I am not sure how she does it, but every soul and truth seeker has her full attention and deepest commitment. She is fully present and aware of exactly what guidance each participant needs. Colleen is truly remarkable. I highly recommend her retreat. CHRISTINA KIMONT - LIFE TRAVELER
Nothing Compares!
The Enlightenment Intensive is the most powerful, impactful event I have ever attended. Nothing compares to the powerful shifts and insights that are available. If I could only do one course for the rest of my life, it would be the Enlightenment Intensive. SETTIMO SZLISKE - COMPUTER AND DATABASE TECHNICIAN
Colleen Is Exceptional!
My heart deeply seeks truth. The Enlightenment Intensive is the perfect environment for it. Colleen is exceptional with the knowledge and guidance she provides. I was completely safe and supported for my journey of discovery. TARA ROH - MASSAGE THERAPIST
Most Profound Work Ever
This is the most profound work I have experienced ever. It reawakens the knowing heart within. It has provided a deep knowingness of myself in life which has had a huge impact on my quality of love throughout my life. It continues to expand me as I journey through life. J. M. - SELF EMPLOYED
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Email to register, set up your interview, and make payment arrangements.