powerful method of emptying the mind & creating deeper connection with self

the race-horse of inner processing
DYADS are at once gentle, fast, and powerful

A dyad is an agreement between two people to a formal structured communication partnership for a set amount of time (40 minutes is recommended, but it can be shorter or longer). Dyads are done in a group setting with a facilitator who teaches the technique and monitors the process. Participants are taught about communication cycles and what makes a cycle complete or incomplete.  Complete cycles create progress and relieve stress, incomplete cycles create feelings of being stuck and more stress.

By creating sacred space for non-discriminatory listening and a safe environment  where communications can be complete, participants learn better communication skills, not only in theory, but also by practicing them.

This formatted structure is exemplary in creating understanding using the benefits of connection without the chains of artificially creating relationship. This freedom allows the mind to clear quickly. Both listening and speaking skills are enhanced. Greater understanding of both self and other is the result. The increase in communication ability translates into a better quality of life. The new skills can be applied in business, with family, and in intimate relationships.
More Love, Better Business, More Satisfaction, Better Life.