The mind is an excellent servant, but a terrible master

Group Process

A dyad is an agreement between two people to a formal structured communication partnership for a set amount of time (40 minutes is recommended, but it can be shorter or longer). Dyads are done in a group setting with a facilitator who teaches the technique and monitors the process. Participants are taught about communication cycles and what makes a cycle complete or incomplete. Complete cycles create progress and relieve stress, incomplete cycles create feelings of being stuck and more stress.

By creating sacred space for non-discriminatory listening and a safe environment where communications can be complete, participants learn better communication skills, not only in theory, but also by practicing them.

This formatted structure is exemplary in creating understanding using the benefits of connection without the chains of artificially creating relationship. This freedom allows the mind to clear quickly. Both listening and speaking skills are enhanced. Greater understanding of both self and other is the result. The increase in communication ability translates into a better quality of life. The new skills can be applied in business, with family, and in intimate relationships.
More Love, Better Business, More Satisfaction, Better Life.


Did you know there is a powerful meditation technique using communication as a central feature? This method clears thoughts fast and is ideal for those who suffer from an overactive mind. This method is also ideal if you’re drawn to meditate but think you can’t because you can’t be silent or sit still. This method is not silent, not solo, and not still. But it is effective for those who are experienced in other types of meditation as well as those who are completely new to it. We call it Dyad Meditation. Dyad Meditation teaches us about communication cycles. Complete communication cycles lead to freedom from stress and better relationships. The benefits far outlast the short time you give to the retreat. Time well spent. 

The Main Goal of Meditation: Although your goal in taking up meditation may not be this, understand that meditation takes you toward enlightenment. What does this mean? What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment = a permanent shift in consciousness.

Enlightenment is non-denominational, meaning it does not belong to any religion. Many people interpret the experience as spiritual, but some view it from a scientific perspective. Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut, the 6th man to walk on the moon in Nasa’s space mission aboard Apollo 14, experienced a permanent shift in consciousness when he looked at the Earth from outer space. Other astronauts did too. 

Jill Bolte Taylor, a neuroanatomist (or brain scientist), experienced a permanent shift in consciousness when she suffered a brain hemorrhage resulting in a stroke. 

Fortunately, we do not need to go to outer space or experience life threatening debilitation to experience the awesome power and beauty of a permanent shift in consciousness. We can journey into the unknown territory of our own Inner Space instead.

SoulTrek offers retreats that create the ideal conditions for a permanent shift to occur in a safe, and highly structured environment. Colleen and her professionally trained team of expert staff have been facilitating Permanent Shift Retreats for over 30 years, and are dedicated to helping you in your quest.

Consciousness, in simple terms, is our awareness – awareness of self, and awareness of the world.

Enlightenment changes our perception permanently. Our awareness becomes greater than it was and we become conscious of ourselves and the universe in a new way. We experience the inter-connectedness of everything. Some people fight with their new awareness because it is unfamiliar, however enlightenment cannot be undone, even if the new awareness is relegated to the realm of memory and not integrated into life.

Those who choose to welcome and integrate the shift, benefit from a richer, deeper, more satisfying experience of life. SoulTrek can help you navigate your Permanent Shift integration successfully.

Enlightenment is often accompanied by divine states, bliss, euphoria, or new powers of perception. Life force energies can be awakened and spontaneous movement flow can occur, even including speaking in tongues. These events can be seen either as weird, or freaky, or in some cases even desirable, however they do not always accompany enlightenment. Some of them can occur on their own without a permanent shift in consciousness. In terms of enlightenment, we consider these events phenomena. They are not enlightenment itself. The phenomena may pass, but the enlightenment stays forever. SoulTrek is experienced in all these realms and can help you navigate and integrate whatever has occurred on your journey to enlightenment.