Are You Seeking Clarity, Focus, and More Inner Peace?

How Yoga Helps Build Mental Clarity, Focus, and Peace

Take Your Mental Wellbeing Into Your Own Hands. You Can Do This!

Stretching Feels Amazing.

Move your body.  Remove toxins.  Build strength.  Become more flexible.  Get Happier.

Get Connected! - To Yourself!

Take time for your own well-being. Give the gift of your love and health to yourself, so you can be more available for them.

Develop Deep Peace Of Mind

For a short time each day, let go of your troubles.  Nurture your peace of mind.  Build your inner strength and resilience.


Meet Your Yoga Teacher

Colleen has been practicing yoga personally since 1971, and teaching since 1990. Yoga has shaped Colleen’s life and taken her on a rich life journey that has healed her mind and strengthened her body and soul. Now Colleen shares her depth of knowledge with you.


Poses Modified Just For Me
I was sufferingwith pain in my lower back and difficulty moving my legs. I started online yoga classes with colleen who altered my postures to support me better. After only a few weeks, there is a huge improvement in my health and I've even lost weight. I highly recommend Colleen as a yoga instructor. She creates a welcoming and supportive environment to improve your health. NANCI MIRANDA - ARTIST
Yoga Is A Blessing For Me This Year
Colleen's yoga classes have been such a blessing for me this year. I really appreciate her enthusiasm for teaching and how prepared she is for every class. I see a huge improvement in my flexibility, balance and strength. Colleen is very knowledgeable, the atmosphere is fun and supportive, and I finish every class feeling empowered in body and mind. KATHY TAYLOR
Kind, Calming, and Peaceful
I can't recommend Colleen and her virtual yoga classes enough! Her demeanour is kind and calming and her classes are peaceful and enjoyable. Colleen fosters a community atmosphere in her classes that is supportive and non-judgemental. Colleen's classes are terrific for people of all ages and sizes. As a plus-sized woman, I often find other classes uncomfortable, but Colleen reminds us to do what feels good for our body, offering options and modifications to do it. I'm grateful for these classes. Thank You Colleen. JODI GOLDFINGER - PERSONAL CONCIERGE
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Choose Your Challenge: whether that is once a week, all 31 Days, or anything in between, or match me and come to every class.
Improve your strength and flexibility. Be more consistent with your yoga. What would you like to achieve physically in the next month?

Come to as many (or as few) classes as you want for one low monthly tuition. $75 + tax = $84.75